DIY Series: How to Hang Your Canvas Print

Fantastic! That photo you have been meaning to get printed on a canvas has finally arrived and it looks amazing. But now how do you hang it without ruining your wall in the process (or asking “Hubby” to do it)?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! The team here at Canvas Art Depot has put together this simple guide on our to hang your canvas prints so they look amazing on your wall for everyone to see.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies…

Good news, all our canvas prints come with a string mounting system on the rear so there is no need to amend or fix anything to the canvas itself and risk damaging your canvas.

Canvas Print Mounting String System

However, the supplies you will need to mount it to wall are below:

  1. A picture hook suitable for your wall type. Not sure what hook your require? See the diagram below.
  2. A tape measure
  3. 2 small adhesive pads to protect your wall from rubbing (optional)
Which Picture Hook Do I Need?

Step 2: Mount The Picture Hook

Location Location Location…. One of the most important parts of mounting your canvas is selecting where in your house you want it. To assist with this we have put together an additional guide on {selecting the right canvas for the right wall}.

Once you have selected your wall now you need to mount the picture hook. Firstly, we need to determine the correct measurement from the ground for the hook so you canvas mounts at the desired height.

  1. Measure from the top of the desired mounting height of the canvas to ground.
  2. Measure the back of the canvas from the top to the mounting string. Remember to allow for the string to flex once hanging.
  3. Subtract the string measurement from the measurement in step 1 and you will have the measurement for the height of the mounting hook from the ground.
  4. Follow the instructions for your particular hook/wall type on fixing it to the wall securely. The hook manufacture should supply this with your hook.

Great! you are now ready to hang you canvas print on the wall.

Step 3: Hanging your canvas print

If you decided to get the optional adhesive pads, fix these to the rear bottom 2 edges of the canvas which touch the wall. These will ensure that if the canvas does rub on the wall slightly it will not leave a mark or damage the canvas and wall.

Now pick up you canvas and hold the string so you wrap it over the hook and gently let the weight sit on hook. Ensure the hook is appropriately taking the weight and is not going to fall off the wall.

Once you are confident in the hook, take a step back and check the level of the canvas. You can use you eye to adjust the canvas level with the top of the wall. Alternatively, you can use a spirit level to ensure your canvas is straight and level.

How to level a canvas print

You’re Done….

Great Job! You have now hung you canvas. Now the only thing to do is to enjoy having your favourite memories printed on canvas and hanging around your house for everyone to see.

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