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Canvas Art Depot - Custom Photo Canvas Prints

Welcome to Canvas Art Depot - the best place to create your very own custom photo canvas prints, glass prints, collage canvas prints, personalised serving boards, and photo mugs. When it comes to turning your photo into stunning wall art, we've got you covered. From competetive prices to amazing customer service, we're pretty good at what we do and we'd love for you to experience our quality products and down-to-earth support. We're also Australian-based and pride ourselves on keeping it local, so check out our range and let us know if you have any questions.

Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

We specialise in custom canvas prints, including: stretched, floating frame, and split canvases. All our canvases are 360GM premium cotton/poly blend and come delivered ready to hang. Choose your type, size, upload your own photo and that's it! It couldn't be simpler.

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Glass Prints

Glass prints are the ultimate way to display your photos. The reflective surface of the glass will bring your photos to life, making them pop with colour. Every detail of your photo will shine and we can guarantee that you'll love how stunning your new glass prints will look on your wall.

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Glass Prints
Collage Canvas

Collage Canvas Prints

Create a collage canvas print using photos from an event or combine your photos into a theme. Collage canvases are a great way to rememeber those special memories that you want to be reminded of every day. Create your own masterpiece and hang it on your wall for your friends and family to admire!

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Engraved Bamboo Serving Boards

Our personalised laser-engraved bamboo serving boards made from quality bamboo are the perfect gift for any occasion! These impressive boards come in a variety of beautiful designs, all customisable with the name of the lucky recipient. Give a gift that will be remembered and used on a daily basis!

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Engraved Bamboo Serving Board
Photo Mug

Photo Mug

A personalised photo mug is the perfect affordable gift option for someone you love. Your chosen photo will be enjoyed and cherished with every sip. There's no better way to show that you care about someone, and you can even add text along with your photo too! Made from quality ceramic, our photo mugs will be sure to impress.

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